SCAM ALERT: Watch Out For FAKE U.S. Customs Agents

Photo by Liza Summer from Pexels

The Better Business Bureau serving Acadiana is alerting of a scam involving fake U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agents. Scammers are posing as a federal agent telling victims they have intercepted a package and the only way to retrieve the package is to divulge personal information. Do not fall for it.

According to a report from the BBB, the scam usually starts with a call, email or text from the scammer claiming to have a package for the victim. The message will have instructions for the victim to retrieve the fake package with a warning that if the package was not picked up a warrant would be issued for an arrest. Do not believe the scammer. This a method used to try and get your personal information. The fake agent will sometimes ask you to verify your information. Do not give up any of your personal details.

Another way, these scam artists are tricking people is by using a sweepstakes scheme. This also starts with a call, text or email. The person contacting will also claim to be someone from the federal government. But instead of threatening with a fine or arrest, they try to lure you with winnings. They will try to trick you to pay a delivery fee and reveal your financial information. Be careful because these scam artists are convincing.

There has been a rise in this type of scam. US Customs and Border Protection issued a warning to the public recommending anyone who encounters this scam to hang up or ignore the message. Then, report the experience to the FTC.

Be cautious of weird calls, texts, and emails. Never give out your private information. Remember government agencies usually will contact you by mail. It is highly unlikely that they will call you.

Do not trust a name or badge number. Multiple consumers state the scammer provided a name and badge number, but it’s just an attempt to gain your trust.

You won’t win a sweepstakes you haven’t entered. The sweepstakes angle is just a ploy to get your attention. No matter how convincing they sound, you unfortunately haven’t won anything.

Spread the word about these scams. When you learn about new scam tactics, tell people, especially those you believe may be susceptible. The more people are aware of these scams, the fewer victims there will be.

If you encounter a scam, report it to

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